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About us

The headquarter of the company RVGmbH is strategically located in the southern industrial area of the city of Dinslaken. Centrally located between the Ruhr, Münsterland, the Rhineland and the Netherlands, we can quickly reach a lot of our customers and partners. In addition, low hierachies and short internal channels make us as flexible and reactive to the market and the needs of our customers as possible. Our services can adapt to your expectations and the prevailing market requirements permanently.




Our company

Our consultants can draw from various fields of high expertise and technical knowledge, as well as extensive experience from many years of working in the industry.


Management /customer service

Olaf Lange

Dieter Osadnik


Switch board / accounting:

Marvin Langer

Bianca Bruns

Customer service / disposal:

Karl-Heinz Bruns

Randolf Hessing









Our vision

Especially in this day and age it is becoming increasingly important to deal carefully with the precious raw materials still available on earth. In close cooperation with the industry, we constantly strive to the development and even more efficient use of industrial wastes and by-products.

Therefore, any solution regarding disposal, recycling or pose should be both environmentally sound and at the same time cost-effective  for our customers.




Jobs and career

Please feel free to apply  for an internship or emloyment position. Please send your complete application documents including CV via email to


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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