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About Us

Umweltbewusstes Management für unsere Kunden.

our philosophy

In today's world, careful use of our planet's limited resources is of crucial importance. We are therefore committed to working closely with industry to continuously develop the efficient use of industrial waste and by-products.

Our goal is to offer solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective to enable our customers to dispose of and recycle waste sustainably.


Our team

Our consultants draw on a high level of specialist knowledge in a wide range of areas, as well as sound experience from many years of work in the industry.


Jobs and Careers

We offer you the opportunity to become part of our dedicated team. Whether you are looking for an internship or a permanent position, we welcome you.

Please send your detailed application documents including your CV by email to . We look forward to hearing from you and shaping your professional future together.

RVG location

The headquarters of RVGmbH is strategically located in the southern industrial area of the city of Dinslaken. Centrally located between the Ruhr area, Münsterland, Rhineland and the Netherlands, we can always reach many of our customers and partners quickly. In addition, short official channels make us very flexible. We can therefore constantly adapt our service to your expectations and the given market requirements.

Stapel von Dateien


As a waste broker, the RVG has a high level of responsibility towards the state. The legislator therefore requires a permit to carry out the activity of waste brokerage - a so-called brokerage permit.

Broker licenses

"Authorisation for brokerage transactions" according to §

50 para. 1 Circular Economy and Waste Act

(KrW-/AbfG) of 27 September 1994 (BGBI. I p. 2705).

The approval requirements are as follows:

The applicant and the people he has commissioned to carry out the brokerage activities must be reliable. To prove his reliability, the applicant must provide certificates of good conduct and information from the central trade register about himself and the people involved in the brokerage activities. In addition, he must also provide evidence that the people involved in the brokerage activities are experts in the field of waste disposal and transportation.

Source: IHK Cologne, Online, July 2007

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