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In the field of waste recycling, Germany has always been in a pioneerin role and has set benchmarks for many other countries. The greatest potential for the recycling industry is therefore also abroad. Especially in the emerging markets and emerging industrial countries there is still very much to do.

As a small company, we support a number of international projects in our framework.



Côte d'Ivoire

Since 2013, we are trying to develop a project for the production of pure coconut carbon from coconut residue, which is suitable as an intermediate for charcoal production in Europe together with the company Afritrade on the coast of Ivory Coast.




In collaboration with a major Thai partner, since 2009, we dispose of , among others, spent catalysts and other high-end industrial residues of Thai and other Asian installations.

A very good local network enables new ways of safe and effective management in a country that is still on the way to line up sustainably.


Gambia / Ghana

Various residues from the production of food for consumption and for export may be used in Europe as an alternative fuel. With local partners, and under strict supervision we can constitute material for power plants in Europe.

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