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There are various approaches to the recycling of industrial wastes, in order to optimise the usage and recover the energetic potential as well as the recyclables within the waste.


The utilization and return of wastematerial into the material lifecycle is our outermost target.



In Europe we have strict regulations and provision for the storage, preparation, and disposal of hazardous wastes. Not every disposal plant is allowed to take every material.

Together, we can find the best partner for your purposes in order to arrange for a complete solution of your wastes and byproducts. .



For tradespeople, nowadays, a proper environmental management is more important than ever.

On the one hand, laws and regulations provide  healthy bounders for the disposal dn recycling, on the other hand they place heavy challenges on the shoulders of companies.

We are here to consult, support and help you with all paperwork in order to receive necessary authorizations and licenses.




Still, there are plenty of production residues, which do not fall into the category of waste, but are categorized to be products. We trade internationally with liquid and solid materials.


We aim to provide our clients with alternative resources, which can be wastes, byproducts, as well as products.



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