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For commercial companies a good environment management is highly important.

Guidelines and statutory regulations make it a challenge on the one hand, but on the other hand, provide healthy boundaries for recycling and disposal.


We offer complete solutions for waste management services of waste and by-products, always guided by the legal approval limits.


Among others, our services include the collection, transport, storage, treatment, recovery and disposal.


The RVGmbH advises and mediates both in terms of material, as well as the thermal utilization, the recovery and recycling of waste materials. Still, the primary goal is the reproduction into the material lifecycle.

We strive to make continuous improvements. In order to recycle more waste and industrial waste, we are working with specialized equipment and experts of the industry to constantly develop new and intelligent solutions.


For storage, treatment and disposal of hazardous waste, there are strict rules and guidelines.


Not every waste management company is authorized to take in any substance. Together, we will be able to find the best partners and companies to provide you with complete solutions for your waste management.





The more complex the problem of waste and the more specialized the material, the greater the need for advice and the more we seek intensive dialogue with our customers.

Through innovative methods, we support you in search of the most effective and sustainable waste management and recovery solution.

Conversely, we can also advise you about the possibility of exchange of raw materials with renewable resources or operational residues.





We are certified and officially authorized to deal and trade with all kinds of waste.

Many by-products, however, do not fall into the category of waste, but have the status same to a product.


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